Possible causes for your hair loss:

Hair loss reason #1: Genetics (most common)
Hair loss reason #2: Immense stress
Hair loss reason #3: Physical trauma + scarring
Hair loss reason #4: Medication

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910.452.0072 Ext. 2

Your hai​r line moving back?

We can give you back your thick, full head of hair!   Call today for your consultation!

Beyond Basics Hair Restoration was founded  on the promise that we will only use the highest quality non surgical hair replacement systems available.  Our commitment to our clients is absolute care, respecting your time, feelings, emotions and your desire for totally confidentiality. Renewing your image and confidence back to a place in time it was before is our promise to you.  

Our passion for helping clients find the right hair replacement solution is our number goal. No matter the cause or the extent of your hair loss, we work with you to uncover a solution that will restore your hair.

Beyond Basics Hair Restoration offers the personal touch and commitment of  hair loss experts who knows exactly what you need and desire. Our systems are customized so that we can provide you with the look that you’ve been wanting, matched directly to your current hair color or any color you may desire.

With a fully undetectable hair system, you will confidently walk taller, smile brighter, and feel like yourself again!​